A: The results of your automated calling project, live calling project, or ringless voicemail drop project will be available on your account.
A: You will simply upload your phone list to your account on our automated dialing user interface.  Uploading a list is very easy, however if you do need assistance our team is standing by to help.  Your automated calling project is extremely important to us.
A: You can provide your own phone list for your automated or live calling project or we can obtain voter lists at a cost of 2 cents per record.
A: You may record your own message using our recording line or have one of our voice talents record it for you.
A: We are confident the call quality you will get with our robo calling services and live calling services are the industry standard.  After 30 years, we know exactly what it takes to run a successful automated calling campaign. In fact many people think they are actually speaking to a live person!
A: Depending on the size of your list, your auto calls may be completed in a matter of only minutes. Very large lists may take several hours.
A: You can have a project setup within minutes of setting up your account.  Once you record your message and upload your phone list you can set up your automated calling project for any day and time that you wish.