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30 Years Experience, Superior Customer Service, Automated Call Quality, 10M Calls Per Day Capacity, Latest Technology, Redundancy, and Security assures that you get your calls out accurately and on time!!


After 30 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to run a successful automated calling, live calling, and ringless voicemail drop campaign.

Experience is key to reliability. Many new “upstart” and “low cost” companies are now offering automated phone broadcasting services.

Don’t risk your campaign’s success on a company that is unfamiliar with the high-stress crunch time of the elections. You may be able to make your calls during non-peak times, but when the pressure increases and everyone’s capacity is reserved, you may find yourself without the ability to make your calls.

We have been developing and selling automated dialing equipment for 30 years. We have provided automated phone services to candidates, political consultants, state parties, and countless organizations for over 30 years. We have a proven track record that speaks for itself.


At GOTV Calls we pride ourselves with having the best customer service in the automated calling and voice broadcasting industry.

We value EVERY client we have the pleasure of working with and no automated calling or live calling job is too small to deserve outstanding service.

Our team will do whatever it takes to ensure your automated, live, or ringless voicemail drop calling project is completed as promised.

Customer support is available 24/7/365 by telephone and live chat.


The quality of our automated and live political calling services are industry standard. Our automated calling services

(GOTV calls, polling and public opinion surveys, Voter ID calls) are are completed using our proprietary dialing platform, designed and maintained by us.

All your calls will be completed on regular land lines and we do not use VOIP. Meaning you and your team can be confident that your message will be delivered correctly and in the highest quality.


Do not settle for old technology when selecting your automated phone broadcast platform. Our equipment and software is the latest in telephony technology. Many low cost providers use VOIP, also know as internet phone technology, to make your calls.

Our calls are made on regular land lines, ensuring the highest quality message in the industry.

Our systems can recognize an answering machine, a live person, a fax machine, busy, network busy, disconnected and unanswered calls with the highest accuracy in the industry. When your constituent answers the phone, they will hear your message with “live” quality. If you choose to leave your message on answering machines and voicemail systems, they’ll think you made the call in person. Busy and non-answered calls can be redialed multiple times for maximum completions. Redials are spaced, to be sure you reach them when they’re at home.


All of our automated calling and voice broadcasting equipment is located inside a secure co-location facility.

Security is 24/7/365.

Digital surveillance cameras monitor activity 24 hours a day.

24/7/365 equipment monitoring by NOC (Network Operations Center).


Capacity is one of the weak links of most automated call centers and voice broadcasting companies. Maintaining sufficient capacity is not cheap, but it is necessary in order to provide reliable service.

Many such providers offer reduced pricing because they themselves are not willing to pay the price to maintain sufficient capacity. While offering low pricing, they typically overbook their capacity and can not deliver in crunch-time.

Don’t wait until you hear those words “Sorry, but due to ‘technical problems’ we do not have the capacity for you to make the calls you scheduled.” During the primaries, our dialing platform can handle 5 Million calls a day. We ramp-up our capacity to 10 Million calls a day during the General Elections.