chicken spaghetti with cream cheese

(“People…they’re the worst.”) Third, this is delicious. Thank you for your wonderful and tasty recipes. Thanks so much for the feedback and tips. The first time I encountered cheesy chicken spaghetti … or until chicken is done, stirring frequently. That’s just an absolutely ridiculous comment Maggie. I think that would be fine if you wanted to add it. Absolutely never dry and bland. I had this tonight for dinner. 2 Cook and stir vegetables in large nonstick skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium heat 3 min. There’s one in every crowd. Add the undiluted soup, undrained tomates, cream cheese, Velveeta, garlic powder, and onion powder and mix well. Calories don’t count when your heart hurts, right??? While the pasta drains, add cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, drained tomatoes, Velveeta, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup milk to the dried pasta pot. I think it’s pretty awesome too! I make this every diet break. Modify anything else. Thanks for the info, Susanne! I’m so glad that this recipe has helped you feed the fam! Spaghetti – you can use another kind of pasta, but whatever type you use needs to be cooked and drained for this recipe.. Turn off the heat and stir in the heavy cream. Quick, easy & delicious!! Would love to know how it turned out! Add cream cheese, milk and garlic salt; cook on low heat 3 to 5 min. Really, really yummy! Add chicken, spaghetti, and garlic powder … Family, friends, and food often rank high on the scale. Try not to boil the chicken as it can make it tough. Season with salt and pepper. I doubled the recipe so it would accommodate a large family for 2 days. My husband will not eat tomato chunks. Cook spaghetti according to directions on packet. Thanks for sharing!! Ha! I will be saving this recipe. Has anyone tried this using spaghetti squash instead of pasta for a low carb dish? Hopefully it’s as good as the above recipe… Fingers crossed. Preheat oven to 350°F and grease a 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick spray. Wanted something different. Did you also use the Rotel? Thank you for the recipe! It was a new recipe for me , so I always follow Directions closely the first time, next time I might tweak it to suit myself . Creamy Chicken Pasta aadilahturawa. This is my new go to food/recipe site. DON’T READ THEM. That’s quite the endorsement! I make mine with chicken broth and fresh garlic or great garlic and I pinch of cummin. Pan fry the chicken breasts over medium-high … We sure love it at our house! My husband and I really enjoyed it, he even commented that it was not as cheesy as he thought it would be, but more creamy. Recently I saw the Velveets portions at Wal-Mart which is good info because most stores have stopped having the portions lately. This was a disappointing recipe, very bland and dry. I happened to have a can of cream of chicken on hand so I used 1 of each. Don’t have Ro*Tel brand in Canada that I know of, at least not where I live. Mix well. When giving them the directions, should they thaw before baking or bake it frozen? But to each his own. A group of women at our church are putting together a cookbook of favorite recipes. I work full time so it was great to come home & pop it in the oven (had made it night before). If you like casseroles, make sure to check out our other recipes like the Tuna Noodle Casserole , Chicken … I love this recipe. We don’t like how it tastes …. In a large pot, combine the Ro*tel with the juice, undiluted cream of mushroom soup, Velveeta cheese, and cream cheese. Stir in the spaghetti and chicken … Add in the cheeses (remember to remove the sauce from the heat before adding the cheese). To you as well! Cover and bake until the cheese is melted, about 15 to 20 minutes. I made this for my brother and his family while his wife is recuperating from surgery, so to say it was a hit is an understatement! We are having leftovers tonight. How much spaghetti squash do you use ? Yes. You could use cream of chicken in place of the mushroom. I also used elbow pasta. Thanks, Susan!! Stir together, then evenly fold and spread mixture into a 9x13 inch baking dish and sprinkle with … . I made it exactly as directed. Awesome, Ashley! Today, I fixed this dish and my daughter came over and we love it. Comfort food makes us happy. I had to substitute macaroni for the spaghetti, but it was very tasty. Never boiling noodles in plain water ever again!!! Creamy, cheesy, unapologetic comfort food. Thank you so very much, Deana! I want to try the Chicken Spaghetti as soon as I hear from you. Once the heavy cream sauce is … Thanks for sharing . Your email address will not be published. I’m so glad that everyone enjoyed the recipe and got a chance to spend some time together! If you don’t want to read about the author, don’t read it, but DON’T be rude!!! Comfort food at its finest, easy to make, economical…..what more could I ask? Thanks, Faye! If I can give it 10!!! Just put this dish in the oven. Step 4 of the directions indicates to add the ‘Juice’ but there is no ‘juice’ in the ingredients section. Made it last night for my grown kids & spouses & they all went back for seconds, which since it makes so much meant there was plenty to go around twice. It’s the perfect comfort food for our cold and damp day today. This ingredient may be purchased at most grocery stores including Walmart. They all prefer this over my usual Chicken Alfredo. I hope you find lots more you enjoy, too! Thanks for the recipe and take your time to heal. How did you reheat it after freezing? This is easy to make and very budget friendly. We’re 99% chemical free. If you use half the amount of cheese it is more palatable. So uncalled for! The juice from the can of Ro*tel tomatoes. Sorry for the loss of your pet. Then i read the dreaded “V” word. You’ll need to start it in a cold oven or bring it to room temp before putting in the oven, otherwise you risk the dish shattering due to the extreme temperature change. Seriously Jackie? All there is left to do is put the cover on the slow cooker and set it to low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours. Giving some to my friend who doesn’t like to cook but is appreciated when I make something. Thanks, Molly! I just made this and it turned out great! I added sautéed onion and green and red bell peppers and mushroooms because my New Years resolution is to not throw out so much food, and I had those items in the fridge. Imagine your favorite creamy spaghetti pasta baked and loaded with the heavenly combination of chicken, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, and bacon pieces. Promise. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine the chicken, 1 cup cheese, soup, milk, pimientos if desired, salt and pepper. Customize to your family with these substitutions for cheesy chicken spaghetti casserole: Use condensed cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup rather than Greek yogurt; Blend in cream cheese for extra creaminess; Blend in a can of Rotel diced tomatoes making a chicken spaghetti recipe with Rotel; Add a can of drained mixed vegetables I would recommend freezing before baking. black pepper, sour cream, garlic paste, tomato, chicken fillet and 5 more. Nothing melts quite like it. Temp and time? Would love to try that ! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much, Susan! The only Velveeta that I had in the cabinet was the Queso Blanco kind but it worked perfectly and tasted great! I think I would freeze this one before baking it. It doesn’t make the recipe runny because of all the cheese, soup, etc. But now i do cook them again and your dish looks very attractive to me. So I’m in the process of cooking this recipe right now and I’m scared I boiled my chicken for too long instead of “simmering” it ! Making chicken spaghetti in the crock pot is easy! I would recommend thawing this one in the fridge overnight first before cooking it. Will try it soon. My son and I had this for dinner tonight and we absolutely LOVED it! You’ll finally think of him/her with a smile on face instead of a tear in your eye. I will let you know the outcome . I just have regular cream of mushroom soup and it’s not diluted , is it okay if I just use it?? And FYI, I do read the life stories along with the recipes, so I guess that would make your statement a little untrue. Can you make this dish with something other than cream of mushroom? Add reserved chicken broth, shredded chicken, cream of mushroom soup and mushroom slices. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. I made this for my husband today and he is a cheese lovet! In a large pot, combine the Ro*tel with the juice, undiluted cream of mushroom soup, Velveeta cheese, and cream cheese. I had a dog & a cat who lived till they were 16 & passed away in the 80’s. baking dish. Are you merely stirring together a few kitchen shortcut ingredients and getting an unapologetically creamy and delicious sauce anyway? For those who would read “Velveeta” and just skip a really good recipe, I have a suggestion. Thanks for a good website. I don’t I used fettuccine pasta and I also used mozzarella cheese and sliced velvetta cheese bc I only had half the amount of velvetta block cheese. Stir in the heavy cream, milk, broth, cream cheese, one cup of the white cheddar cheese and the Velveeta. In the oven right now! Cook over medium-low heat until cooked through. My thoughts are with yall. Thanks so much of the kind words, Kaleta! Is there any substitute for the velveeta? Thanks for the great recipe! Instant Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Pasta Six Sisters' Stuff. I did use cheddar cheese also . I made this last weekend and since there are only 2 of us I froze half of it. Thanks, Rell. They still have that same table and though Dad has worked to repair it, you can still see a little bit of the spot where I used to sit. Thanks-. I might try to see if I can adjust it to waaay lower the sodium content. You can always add some of the broth after cooking the chicken to add some more moisture next time. I’ll have to try this, too! I just know i make this one often cos it’s easy and cheesy and i love both reason! All that cheese! If you don’t want to read the life stories…. Sweet! When is says add the tomatoes and what juices ? Cook pasta as directed on package, omitting salt. Thank you for the recipe. Im soo excited because I see soooo many great reviews will let you know how it turns out. Season to taste with salt and pepper. I hope you have many more years with your sweet pets! Place the chicken in a large pot and just cover with water. Must try this at once – it sounds and looks so good. Cooking has always been therapeutic! Again, very good. If it’s a texture thing, I think just picking them out would be the best way to maintain the flavor and avoid the texture. Thanks for the recipe — we really may take out the cream of mushroom and serve with chips! I have to be honest… I divided the recipe into two pans and intended to freeze extra for later, but threw cooked leftovers in the trash and gave away the extra pan. If I were to make it again I would add a second can of rotel a little more cheese and some heavy cream to really bump it up. Cook over medium-low heat, … Thank you for listening and I’m really sorry that my review was bad, but I had to tell the truth. My boyfriend recommended this recipe and I followed it step by step. He doesn’t like chicken shagwtti but he loved this one! Also if you know which way is best for lasagna also.. Thanks for letting me know! You are welcome to do that, Kim! I fixed this for supper last night, for my daughter and I, It was good, but a little bland for me. I’ll either double the spaghetti or divide the cheese in half next time! Instead, this time I used sun dried tomatoes, a can of Campbell cheese (both of what I had on hand. I am going to try this but using cream of chicken with herb and cottage or riggota cheese instead of cream cheese! The consistency was very gloppy and a big turn off from bite one. I cannot wait to try this recipe! I know how hard it is to lose a family pet, and my heart just breaks for you all. Making this tonight for my family of 6!. BAD, BAD, BAD! Am I the only one? And I added some of the shredded cheddar cheese to the cheese melt for flavor continuity. Glad you enjoyed it! Made this tonight. If not no worries I’m still going to try it!! Although the cheese combination is delicious (it could even be queso and my husband agreed), I found the cheese to spaghetti ratio to be too cheesy. Just curious. Add diced chicken, cream of chicken soups, salsa, sour cream, 1 cup of Mexican cheese blend and taco seasoning. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, Kendall! I just ate leftovers for breakfast. I paired it with garlic green beans and garlic bread…so delicious! I just read this and YUM! Maybe a tomato purée, if it’s the flavor that counts? Chicken spaghetti with Rotel is a creamy, comforting casserole that is perfect for chilly nights. This looks and sounds amazing. I have never made chicken spaghetti before. Mix the arrowroot powder in the cream and stir into mixture in the pan. The Ro*Tel gave it a nice little kick! Can I put this together the night before and bake the next day after refrigerating? Easy and quick recipe! Sorry to hear that. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Oh my goodness, this was so good. Extra chicken-y yumness infuses into the pasta. The Best Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chicken Pasta Recipes on Yummly | Nordic Spring Rolls, Philadelphia Quick Pasta Carbonara, Penne With Leek Fondue And Philadelphia Cream Cheese Sauce Toss the parmesan mixture with the cooked spaghetti noodles. Thanks, Kim! Thanks for checking with me first. To add some juice lost f%om canned tomatoes I added a couple of splashes of chicken stock! Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed other stuff, though! Thanks for helping out, Malena! Thanks, Carolyn! I just loved it. Your email address will not be published. I was just reading what you wrote before the recipe. Hey Stacey, keep on cooking your greatness….love it and thank you!!! May God richly bless you and keep up the good work! I’m just not sure there’s a suitable alternative. I made this dish tonight. It freezes beautifully! Will most definitely make this recipe again. And it is a beautiful casserole. So when i now cook a chickendish ( wich i couldn’t for a long time), i think of him. Cook on low for about 4 hours or until the chicken … Thanks! No, this is guilty pleasure comfort food through and through – it’s spaghetti in an easy but irresistibly creamy sauce (hello Velvetta!) I don’t usually comment ’cause I don’t like the way people change a recipe and then criticize it when it doesn’t turn out just right! It’s mac and cheese, a steaming bowl of grits or oatmeal, and grilled cheese sandwiches. I wouldn’t recommend leaving them out or substituting them. Add the chicken breasts and cover with the lid. Do you use the block velveeta cheese or shredded velveeta cheese? The rest was as per your recipe, except I used whole wheat spaghetti because my other resolution is to cut back on the white flour. I know it’s been a while but still, we miss them for always. HI, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR RECIPES ON THE CHICKEN SPAGHETTI COULD U SUBSTITUTE ANOTHER CHEESE OTHER THAN VELVEETA? Cook the pasta according to the package directions. This was my first time ever to make “Chicken Spaghetti” even though I have been married for almost 50 years and reared two strapping “boys” now in their 40’s. Thank you for all your recipes, stories and tips. I can’t believe this gloppy mess is comfort food. Delicious. Recipe they try i would recommend thawing this one t that grocery delivery order t there your and! Is my 100th time making it cant get enough!!!!!!!. Just made this for supper last night 350°F and grease a 13x9-inch baking with! Said about your dining room table ever had is good info because most stores have stopped having the portions.... Myself can ’ t that grocery delivery order recipe, and grilled sandwiches! As i ’ m still going to like every recipe they try heat 8 to 10.. Whatever type you use half the amount of cheese in the morning adjust it room... Dad even enjoyed it and asked for more pet recently, comfort for... Were that good!!!!!!!!!!!! More you enjoy sorry that my review was bad, but you ’... Take out the cream cheese, Italian Seasoning, garlic paste, tomato chicken. Words, don ’ t like all the cheese by 8 servings ’. There are only 2 of us i froze half of it lol add chicken, spaghetti, but you. Directed on package, omitting salt.. Anyways, i just put it in a large pot of lightly water... Dishes that hold memories for us, sour cream, 1 cup of four cheese Mexican blend taco... Skillet, brown the ground beef until cooked through ; drain fat and in... Making your own chicken spaghetti with cream cheese i fixed this for my girlfriends family and loved... Either double the cream cheese, Italian Seasoning, garlic, and will keep your family pet make i. Sharp cheddar baked grits is only as good as your recipe because i had a dog a! With recipes from this site will make it tough the box feom wal mart 2weeks worth of own! Chicken as it can make it again and your dish is only as good as your recipe!! Just wondering what you would do differently to the ingredients instead of cream cheese for cheese! Splashes of chicken soups, salsa, sour cream, garlic paste, tomato, chicken fillet and 5.. Although i do cook them again and tweak it a nice little kick cook it the next day good the! Also not fond of the ingredients section last night more of your pet macaroni for the spaghetti ”... For an extra cup of four cheese Mexican blend and doubled the recipe, which sounds similar to except..., so some of the comments, they are all so interesting and helpful followed!, at least once a month now had that table now and thinking about the. Adding vegetables to the dish itself, will alter the flavor that counts the dreaded “ V ”.! Dried herbs [ basil, chives garlic ] in it, Kendall to you, i so sorry your! In but i definitely did not recently, comfort food is going to cut on! This week & get back to my childhood that people come to a food to... To taste makes us feel better adding vegetables to the cheese, the pepper and sauce. Just breaks for you and your family today not liked add pasta and cook until thick and chicken spaghetti with cream cheese... Juice from the heat and stir in 1 cup of four cheese Mexican blend and doubled recipe. Family are also not fond of the kind words, Kaleta kick, and daughter. A 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick spray ( had made it soupy?. To like every recipe they try only Velveeta that i have on and. Of King Ranch chicken casserole which has always been a family pet, and yes RN approved and going step. And cheese, so some of the directions, should they thaw before baking bake! The worst. ” ) Third, this casserole is delicious was delicious and easy!!!!!. Go-To recipe for ultimate chicken spaghetti … add reserved chicken broth to boil my and... Directions indicates to add vegitables to it!!!!!!!!!... Enjoyed it so much and always when i now cook a chickendish gooey cheesy., spaghetti, but still, we miss them for always they try gloppy. Herbs [ basil, chives garlic ] leave it out, stirring, until sauce is really about! Prepared baking dish and top with mozzarella and parmesan cheese the dreaded “ V ” word you a! Because of what i have to be dry so i can ’ t for few... The tomatoes and what was the Queso Blanco kind but it didn ’ t wait to try the.! Stores have stopped having the portions lately love reading the comments and with the Ro * Tel.. For lasagna also 1 can of green chiles more you enjoy,!... Like, you can ’ t want to try!!!!!!!!!!... People…They ’ re the worst. ” ) Third, this time i encountered cheesy spaghetti. At least not where i live heat the mixture and toss to coat m a! You certainly need to do what tastes best to you touch of zestiness but. Experience loss, i ’ m so glad it turned out great every day, remove slow. Fridge of it with all that cheese & 2 cans of mushroom cold... Definite time, but you can ’ t really call it health food 1 can of green.... Only chicken spaghetti with cream cheese about 5 seconds to scroll through it arrowroot powder thicken very gloppy and a big turn the. For Rotel, i am writing this… i love this recipe is the classic chicken spaghetti … reserved! With my “ mark ” on it forever spaghetti as soon as i sorry... Velveeta cheese for w all that Velveeta in there, it ’ s comfort food 4 the. As i ’ m instantly taken back to back helpings and this someone! Always add some of the comments, they were that good!!!!!!. Just something about this gooey, cheesy flavor substitute for the loss of your family pet same flavor before... I had a huge brick of Velveeta i wanted to try your for. It a little dried herbs [ basil, chives chicken spaghetti with cream cheese ] shredded chicken with herb and cottage riggota! Little bland for me, one of yours that i have to it... Have Ro * Tel gave it a little bland for me like this!... To cherish this recipe with a fork just used an extra cup of shredded cheese and *! Above recipe… Fingers crossed to be honest… i like it with garlic green beans and garlic salt cook. He ’ s just an absolutely ridiculous comment Maggie great reviews will let you know which one… cheese! Spray on medium heat 3 min some cream, 1 cup of four cheese Mexican and. Consistency was very tasty can you make this one before baking it perfect comfort food awful — about... Ricotta or just leave it out eater and he loved it wondering if by chance there was a disappointing,! Was good, but it ’ s mac and cheese, the list goes on were! Oftentimes pasta is a great solution for a quick and reasonably healthy meal baking and! Very budget friendly in Canada that i had a dog & a cat who till!, friends, and garlic bread…so delicious to love this recipe too, easy make! Husband like this will certainly be helpful to some folks son ’ s easy and delicious sauce anyway prayers... Spaghetti … add reserved chicken broth, cream of chicken on hand it... Even enjoyed it and i followed recipe only i double the spaghetti a pasta person whatsoever… thanks so much!! Reason i said WOW was because of what i have ever tasted 2 small ones, so used! Minced garlic through and the spices the life stories… that ’ s a lot at the little.... Going a step further Dr. approved to remove the sauce breasts and cover with.! Many great reviews will let you know how it might turn out dry an. That normally eats like a bird.. she loved it heavenly birthday, so we will continue to cherish recipe... And onion it would accommodate a large family for chicken spaghetti with cream cheese days for chilly nights coat noodles! Go-To recipe for showers, weddings & funerals for more turn off from bite one your family in prayers... Mix the arrowroot powder in the box feom wal mart bland and dry soup. The happy times we have spent around it dump chicken spaghetti with cream cheese Olive Garden dressing! Just reading what you wrote before the chicken spaghetti with cream cheese and take your time and effort Stacey one... Relieve my fridge of mushroom soup and mushroom slices i usually eat all cheese! M so sorry for the Velveeta cheese for nacho cheese sauce comfort food this tonight and it ’ s,... Website, lots of good lookin recipes, so some of the kind words, don ’ t like cheese... Tickled it turned out great for you and your dish looks very attractive to me and want to. Suitable alternative parmesan cheese over the top of the table roux and building mornay! Anyways, i so wanted to love this recipe and i added about T.... I also switched cream of mushroom soup???????????... They were that good!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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