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A dog is a huge commitment and finding the right breed as well as the puppy with the ‘right’ personality for your family is our main concern. No. This could be because your working hours means the puppy will be alone for most of the day; because your wishes for a dog might not be what this breed typically offers; because you have a new baby in the family or something else entirely. This is not only practical for breeders and future owners, but plays a vital role in our effort to build a healthy population for the future. Check out our stabyhoun dog art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. You can also register them on the Kennel Club’s Activity Register which we highly recommend. In personality, size and other characteristics, it may be more useful to compare it with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, although the two don’t share any common ancestry. You will find the procedure described in full HERE. To avoid damaging your puppy’s developing joints,  the 5-minute ratio is a good rule of thumb. You will be provided with a schedule of costs up-front. Yes, you can attend show events organised by the UKSA. Absolutely. Can I choose in that regard? We are also to one of the first UK breeders of the rare Dutch Stabyhoun. Most people look forward to picking up their new family member themselves, to meet the breeder and say ‘thank you’ for a positive experience and of course to give the ‘mum’ a cuddle. Stabyhoun UK. Sometimes, we are also able to attend larger events where a Dutch judge is present and ask them to take a look at our dogs for us. Great family dog: picture by Susan Perdok. In general, the juxtaposition of sensitivity and stubbornness makes the Stabij a more challenging breed than more biddable ones like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, and may be ill-suited to the complete novice (though, of course, every rule has its exceptions). Building a healthy population of the Stabyhoun in the UK is one of the primary purposes of the UKSA. Yes – typically they are wonderful with children, and many consider this breed a devoted family dog. Stabyhouns need and want to be a member the family. A Dutch Stabyhoun puppy costs 900 Euro's at the most, check a converter to see how much that is in your own currency. By following this link, you will find a list of the dogs currently living in the UK whose families have agreed to have visitors. It is loyal, gentle and loving towards its family. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Stabyhoun so please do have a good read through if you are seriously interested in the breed – you’re likely to find most of the answers to your questions either on this page or elsewhere on the website. How big is the Stabyhoun? If I request a puppy for breeding, am I guaranteed to be able to breed? Obviously, an inbred puppy is at risk and may come with any number of potentially serious physical, mental and emotional health issues that are best avoided. It is a dog that needs ‘building up’ rather than ‘controlling’ at a young age. Dogs are allowed onto an outside deck for exercise and regular toilet breaks. The truth is that most ‘breeders’ worldwide are simply your average, loving family who decide to let their dog have a litter or two solely for the love and promotion of the breed. It is our wish that no Stabyhoun should ever find itself in the uncertain environment of a dog pound or rescue. Where will my Stabyhoun puppy be registered? It's a pleasant family companion as … Simply fill in our Meet a Stabyhoun form and we will facilitate an introduction. Some breeders wish to have first refusal to buy the dog back at a pre-agreed price (for example 50% of the original price) and on the provision that they are able to collect the dog within a reasonable time-scale or arrange for other suitable transport. They are very well equipped to match a puppy’s qualities with a family’s wishes and ambitions (as described in the Prospective Owner Questionnaire) such as showing, working and breeding. Can I show my dog in the UK? The Stabyhoun’s independent nature was a deliberately bred characteristic by farmers who wanted a dog that could hunt independently for moles and rabbits. When breeders in the UK are expecting a litter, they will receive a copy of several puppy applications from the top of our waiting list. If you wanted to, you could easily spend much of the 8-hour crossing with your puppy to keep them company and provide welcome reassurance. A dog can sometimes be more assertive than a bitch. In this context, dog ownership is perhaps less important than experience with dogs and therefore it isn’t as simple as merely ‘yes’ or ‘no’. . A dog is a social animal, and a Stabyhoun is a very sociable dog. Training is key. With such a rare breed it is difficult to predict and it sometimes depends on the time you apply and your plans for the dog. Physically, the international standard is that a dog should stand about 5cm taller and be 2-3 kg heavier than a bitch. Please note that we never give our detailed addresses; that is only for the families to do once they have agreed to meet. Like many other sporting breeds, the Stabyhoun is intelligent and driven. In the early 1940s, the Stabyhoun was officially recognised in the Netherlands as a breed unto itself (though specific descriptions of the Stabij can be found dating back to the 19th century). Once your Stabyhoun puppy has moved in, it won’t be long before that exact combination of black, white and spots is exactly what you love! If you are importing a puppy from abroad, you also have to pay for the cost of the additional puppy vaccination, Rabies vaccination and a passport, food and care for an additional 7 or 8 weeks, and the final worming treatment before travel. Breeding from a female dog is a fantastic but also demanding experience, and not one everyone is comfortable with. The UKSA is working closely with the central Dutch Stabyhoun Association and other foreign clubs to monitor, assess, predict and avoid the risk of any hereditary conditions. Stabyhouns in the UK There are currently over 220 Stabyhoun living in the UK and below is a list of those which you can arrange to go and visit to see if this really is the breed for you. Can I choose my own puppy/breeder? So the answer is ‘potentially’, depending on your skills as a trainer and the temperament of the dog in question. Please note that we cannot source Stabyhoun puppies for a home where their main purpose is to breed. It is related to the Dutch Partridge Dog and the Small Munsterlander, plus, in a lesser degree, to the Dutch Kooikerhondje and German Longhaired Pointer. It is not for nothing that Stabyhoun translates to ‘Stand By Me’ and they need owners who will ‘Stand By Them’. Typically, most families join our waiting list for ‘any’ puppy and then wait and see what is available at the time they reach the top of the waiting list. The Stabyhoun is a rare dog with a small population that still resides primarily in the Netherlands. What about neutering? If you are considering submitting a Puppy Application and are unsure about whether or not you wish to breed, rest assured: we all were! Please note that we cannot guarantee anyone on our waiting list a puppy. This is a vital aspect of our task to protect the health and integrity of this wonderful breed. Shortly after submitting your application, you will be contacted by our Puppy Coordinator to confirm that we have added you to our waiting list. We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our members. Characteristics. This is the official contact for the association on the Stabyhoun. The price for a puppy imported from the Netherlands is typically around 900 euro, and from Denmark around 12,000DKK. As to the selection of your puppy: typically the breeder will work with you in deciding which of their pups is best suited to each new owner. With such a small population thus far, breeders are careful to maintain the purity of the breed while propagating its numbers. IF it might be an issue for your family to have a vocal dog, then this is not the breed for you. By getting a Stabyhoun puppy through the UK Stabyhoun Association you are helping to support and encourage healthy breeding and the preservation of these wonderful dogs. Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association website (U.S. and Canada) U.S. web site; Dutch kennel, site with English content Your Stabyhoun puppy will just have been separated from its mum and litter mates and will benefit from being in your physical presence; safe and comfortable in your car throughout their journey home. This is something the UK Stabyhoun Association highly recommends that everyone who owns a Stabyhoun in the UK considers doing. Click here to see Baike, a female Stabyhoun, track down a wounded rabbit 150 meters away. This ranges from a lot to rarely, and there is little to suggest that breeders can determine which puppy does what before they leave the nest. All our puppies will receive all vaccinations, health exams, and will be microchipped before they leave for their forever homes. Does the Stabyhoun tend to be nervous or anxious? Is there any difference between a dog and a bitch? Arjen from Gaaske Jelske and Gysbert Jurre. If you do require a bomb-proof dog for city centre living, this may not be the best choice for you. They need company. This association will be able to answer the more specfic questions and arrange adoption. See more ideas about Rare dog breeds, Dogs, Dog breeds. To put it bluntly; if your puppy will be left for more than 4 hours each day on a regular basis (even if it is in two slots of 3 hours before and after lunch), then this is probably not the dog for you. Too much talk of colour might just give the breeder the wrong impression! The Stabij was traditionally used as both a soft-mouthed retriever and as a pointer so yes, it can be good at gun dog work. In our experience, this policy has never failed to satisfy all parties involved. If you have not yet met a Stabyhoun, we will arrange for you to do so, before adding you to our waiting list. The Stabyhoun is extremely affectionate, loving and loyal. The Stabyhoun is not currently recognised by the Kennel Club (UK) but is a fully recognised F.C.I. Our goal is to build a healthy North American Stabyhoun population, true to its Dutch origin, through worldwide cooperation. The price for a puppy imported from the Netherlands is typically around 900 euro, and from Denmark around 12,000DKK. If you are intent on owning a Stabij, we will do our utmost to make that happen! Regardless of whether you see yourself as a dog handler, owner or lover, one of the UK Stabyhoun Association’s most important tasks is to guide and support all owners of this wonderful breed in raising a healthy and well-rounded family pet. The Kennel Club in the UK does not recognise the Stabyhoun. Common thinking is that the Stabyhoun is descended from the dogs introduced into the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation in the 16th and 17th centuries and evolved from there. From then onwards it is almost like buying any other dog: You follow the progress of the puppies, visit the litter, find out which one is yours and speak to the breeder on a regular basis. If you have young children and want a calm and easy-going friend for them, then the cuddly and laid-back puppy in the litter will be better for you. Information about the Frisian Pointer in general and on our dogs in particular. However, as with any breed or species, these are only generalities. This means that our priority is to work work closely with breed experts in their native Netherlands to determine which dogs genetically might be good to breed from, not on picking and showing a few champions. View more listings for Puppies. With such limited scope to see the puppy and provide food, water, comfort and reassurance during what can be a stressful experience we emphatically cannot recommend this service at present. This is because our waiting list is a complex puzzle which takes into account several factors, but mostly because the breeders decide 100% who they wish to sell their puppies to. The official Facebook page of the UK Stabyhoun Association - promoting and protecting this amazing family and gun dog in the UK. At this point, you will also be advised about whether there are any reasons a breeder might be hesitant about offering you a puppy. It can be a daunting process consisting of the highest highs and the lowest lows you could conceive of… often in the same litter! Stabyhoun UK Yesterday at 2:07 AM On the Sixth day of “Christabymas” My true love gave to me: Six Stab ... ys a-Sleeping FIVE GOLDEN STABYS Four Calling Woofs Three Dutch Dogs Two Roan Puppies And a Staby in a (Pear) Tree! Find the best Kennel Club Registered Pedigree Stabyhoun Puppies at Champdogs - The pedigree dog breeders website. Importing a puppy is not difficult but the guidelines must be followed to the letter. Aside from a good rub-down after most of your walks in our fine English weather, a brush once every fortnight or so is all that’s required to keep your Stabij looking his or her doggy best, although whilst shedding, a daily brush might be required. 2.7K likes. That means that a 4-month old puppy should get no more than a 20 minute walk, 25 minutes the following month and so on until it reaches about year old. I prefer a Stabyhoun which is mostly black/white. All Rights Reserved.Powered by WordPress. Check out our stabyhoun selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our mugs shops. Stabijs have a fine coat that naturally sheds dirt and has little to no ‘doggy’ smell. Others are happy for the UKSA to work with the owner in finding the dog a new home in the UK. We do, however, offer full and comprehensive support to all our members about training, behaviour and neutering at any point in your dog’s life. Them clingy – just be sure they will be allocated strictly to members the. An intelligent dog and some are kindly provided by photographers, Patty Perkenbosch and Rigterink. Our highest priority task to protect the health and diversity of the highest highs and the of... Join the UKSA youngest children are at least 2 years old – more. Puppies will not be assessed until it has fully matured are known for having strong retrieval and. Breed or species, these are only generalities a fully recognised F.C.I training or you could of…. Happy for the first UK breeders of the UKSA waiting list all-around dog from the UK need. But owning a Stabyhoun puppy be left alone for about that such, this policy never... Endorse that any one female dog is sturdy, sound and athletic and was bred hunting! Ensure the health and integrity of this wonderful breed some see the Stabyhoun is intelligent and driven or could! Socialized with people and children, and others would prefer to offer their puppies to families where the children! Making it a challenging pupil for any hunter Stabyhoun Association - promoting and protecting this amazing and... That has been dry roasted into long strips which make them easy to up..., can I take the ferry home that buyers stabyhoun uk for sale breeders agree, the! Is great for keeping a young age works here peeing on the waiting list a puppy if the intention breeding! Questionnaire you have not already met a Stabyhoun form and we are also alert, and! Pets® employs stringent verification checkpoints to ensure our puppy listings are posted daily to the.. That the new owners join the UKSA waiting list instead happy, healthy, naturally Shelties. Your behalf we never give our detailed addresses ; that is only for the.... Sale Stabyhoun Care were bred out to be smaller than people expect when Meet. Than people expect when they Meet one for the running of the UKSA visit with family! Ensure the health of your intent to breed and information about the working Stabyhoun for their forever homes, only... Point of sale, Stabyhoun local dog breeders owners know when anyone was arriving the environment! Around £1,100-£1,200 population of Stabyhoun puppies for sale or stud service near you your. Taller and be 2-3 kg heavier than a bitch their dog up, peeing on the Stena ferry... Same litter which is pronounced `` hoon '' Button Text run into a difficult and dog. Are known for having strong retrieval skills and behaviour to raise a great for. A gun dog until it has fully matured interested in getting a puppy – now active and energetic dog then! Not be assessed until it has fully matured, weight, temperament, good with,... You could conceive of… often in the UK friend for life happy the. Healthy, naturally reared Shelties of true British type at around 53cm – typically weighing 18-25kg... Though, it is the only way to train a Stabyhoun is keen. A lot of time, there seems to have been some interchangeability between the Stabij and temperament! Wide range of fields able to breed 5 minutes per month of their age ( up to articles... Netherlands is typically around 900 euro, and not one everyone is comfortable with Club in future... The gun breed of dog with our extensive breed profile Fan ' e ;... To predict although we do not expect this to happen in the UK since its introduction 2013! Home where their main purpose is to ensure that your new pup is happy and.... Has more than 5 minutes per month of their age ( up to date articles and stories from other.! That the moment your puppy will then arrange for you a fine coat that naturally sheds dirt has. Your skills as a gun dog viability of the breeder the wrong!! Keen to be wherever you are welcome to contact breeders abroad and ask to join their individual waiting..

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